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Handlebar Raiser & Pullback

Handlebar Raiser & Pullback

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Handlebar Raiser & Pullback for Enhanced Riding Comfort

Optimize your riding posture with our Handlebar Raiser & Pullback, meticulously engineered for the CFMoto Ibex 450 and 450MT models. This precision accessory provides an additional 2cm in height and 2.5cm in pullback, allowing for a more relaxed and ergonomic riding position.

Key Features:

  • Customized Elevation: Adds 2cm to your handlebar height for improved comfort and control.
  • Personalized Reach: Brings your handlebars 2.5cm closer, reducing arm stretch and fatigue.
  • Color Options: Available in Silver, Black, and Orange to match your motorcycle’s style.
  • Model Compatibility: Specifically designed for the CFMoto Ibex 450 and 450MT, ensuring a perfect fit.

Transform your ride with our Handlebar Raiser & Pullback, offering a simple yet effective upgrade for a more enjoyable riding experience.

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