Suitable for CFMoto models: 300SS/300SR | 450SS/SR |

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Aerodynamic Winglets (ABS plastic)

Aerodynamic Winglets (ABS plastic)

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Introducing Winglet Fairing Wings Deflectors, The ultimate aerodynamic enhancement for your CFMOTO 300SR/SS and 250SR. These side spoilers are meticulously designed to refine your motorcycle’s performance while adding a touch of sophistication to its appearance.


  • Tailored for CFMOTO 450SR and 450SS.
  • Tailored for CFMOTO 300SR and 300SS.
  • Tailored for CFMOTO 250SR


  • Front Wheel Traction: Our winglets are engineered to improve the traction of the front wheel during braking, offering a more secure and responsive riding experience.
  • Stability & Handling: Benefit from the added stability and precise handling that our aerodynamic winglets provide, especially at higher speeds.
  • Visual Enhancement: These winglets are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, complementing the front fairing of your motorcycle for a refined look.

Our Motorcycle Winglet Fairing Wings Deflectors are crafted to enhance your motorcycle’s aerodynamics and inject a sleek, modern look into its design. Make a statement with every ride and enjoy the benefits of improved performance and style.

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