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Lens Filter Set for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12

Lens Filter Set for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12

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Capture the World in True Colors: Professional Lens Filter Set for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12

Unleash the full potential of your GoPro Hero 9, 10, 11, and 12 with our comprehensive set of lens filters, designed to enhance every frame. Whether you’re diving into the deep blue or scaling the highest peaks, our filters ensure impeccable color correction and clarity.

Set Includes:

  • CPL (Circular Polarizer Lens): Minimize glare and reflections, enrich the blue skies, and ensure true-to-life colors in your outdoor adventures.
  • Red & Magenta Filters: Ideal for underwater photography, these filters correct color distortions in blue and green waters.
  • ND Filters (ND8, ND16, ND32): Control light entering the lens, reduce shutter speed, and avoid overexposed footage, perfect for capturing smooth, cinematic shots.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile Use: From vibrant landscapes to underwater marvels, adapt to any environment with the right filter.
  • High-Quality Material: Made with precision optics to provide clear and sharp images.
  • Easy Attachment: Quick and secure snap-on design for hassle-free transitions between scenes.
  • Protective Coating: Each filter features a protective layer to resist scratches and fingerprints, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Elevate your GoPro footage with our lens filters, and capture life’s moments in stunning detail and color accuracy.

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